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Sonic Newsdriver (8 April 2009)

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 08 April 2009

The Sonic Newsdriver 20090408
Selected Doctor Who related news delivered sonically.
For Earth-date: Wednesday the 8th of April 2009

In this episode: Welcome my son to the Machination, No one would have believed, Best Scottish Voice, Torchwood Series 2 Comes to Blu-ray, Wilf Power, Return of the Jessica, A Doll's House - Not Dollhouse, Doctor Who: Podshock Best Podcast, Bring Out Your Dead for DWNY.

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This is the pattern on the hotel building facade which some had expressed interest in here on Instagram. I had already posted a close up of the pattern last week.Once quiet streets are now buzzing with a parade of vehicles tackling the destruction left by Hurricane #SandyThey'll get you while you're sleeping.#WhatsThatWednesday Reveal: Something I discovered by an opened fire hydrant. I thought it may be some sort of water sink hole from the opened hydrant, but the hole and opened spout of the hydrant are not aligned. #instatotd

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