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Come On, Get Happy! I'm on The Happiness Patrol!

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 08 December 2010

The Happiness Patrol podcast episode 47

For what feels like for the longest time, we have been trying to get Lewis Bailey to join us on an episode Doctor Who: Podshock. Lewis does a podcast called The Happiness Patrol @TheHPatrol along with Dale Who @FishCustard2010 , Tara Wheeler @TARDIS_Tara (who you may also know as a Corespondent for Doctor Who: Podshock), and Lela Sandstrom @LelaSandstrom, due to scheduling reasons it never worked out. He has been also trying to get me on The Happiness Patrol as well for a while and for the same reason, it hadn't worked. Although we had Lewis on an episode in a recorded segment at the Doctor Who: Podshock 5th Anniversary Event we held last August as well on an episode from Gallifrey 21 last February in Los Angeles at our Meet & Greet Event there, this is the first time we have him on our show in a studio setting for Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 230 along with Dale, Tara, and Lela. Not only is The Happiness Patrol in the latest episode of DWP, but I am in the latest episode of The Happiness Patrol as well!

Wearing a GE shirt with scarf back 1986

Check out episode 47 of The Happiness Patrol, where we talk up Doctor Who scarves. They have been a classic icon of the Doctor Who series since the Tom Baker era. I had a grand time on the show. It was a great deal of fun. If you enjoyed our segment together on the latest Doctor Who: Podshock episode (where we are talking about another classic icon of Doctor Who, the TARDIS/Police Box), you will want to check out this episode of The Happiness Patrol. As I write this, I haven't heard the episode myself yet, it is being billed as "the ADULT side of The Happiness Patrol" – I didn't think it was too raunchy, but just the same, consider yourself warned.

the happiness patrol: The Happiness Patrol Episode Forty-Seven: After Dark: "Hey there you crazy hep Kats & Kittens, it's time now for the ADULT side of The Happiness Patrol as we present: The Happiness Patrol After Dark. Tonight's guest is from the swingingest berg that never sleeps, New York City baby!

Ladies and gentlemen, The Happiness Patrol presents none other the the ultra cool Pod Father himself, Mr. Louis Trapani. He sits in while Dale, Lewis, Lela and Tara discuss the finer points of The Tom Baker Scarf.

We also put out a public cry to our listeners for your earliest photos of you and your first scarf. Clocking in a just over an hour, this is one not to miss...

So sit back, turn it up, and get ready swing with the heppest peeps in all of Doctor Who Podcasting baby, it's The Happiness Patrol Episode Forty-Seven: After Dark"


Thanks to Lewis, Dale, Tara, and Lela for inviting me to be on their show and just the same, I thank them all for being on ours. We will have to do it again sometime soon.

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