You are hereCaroline John Dies at 71, We Discuss Fan's Favourite Doctor Who "Monsters," news, feedback and more in Doctor Who: Podshock 273

Caroline John Dies at 71, We Discuss Fan's Favourite Doctor Who "Monsters," news, feedback and more in Doctor Who: Podshock 273

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 01 July 2012

Doctor Who: Podshock 273

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 273
Running Time: 1:51:46

Caroline John (Liz Shaw) dies, Fan's favourite Doctor Who "Monsters," plus Doctor Who related news, feedback (D Scott 750, Justin from Ohio, Greg from Florida, BlueBox Bill), and more. Hosted by Louis Trapani, Dave Cooper, and Ian Bisset.

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Doctor Who: Podshock an international Doctor Who podcast premiering in 2005 by the Gallifreyan Embassy and produced by Art Trap Productions.

  • This episode closes with the audio of the Babelcolour tribute to Caroline John which can be seen here.
  • The LIRR posters advertising BBC America referencing Doctor Who can be seen here.


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