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Identify the Birds You Photograph with 'Peterson Birds of North America' iOS App Now on Sale [VIDEO]

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 01 September 2012


This Labor Day Weekend, the Peterson Birds — A Field Guide to Birds of North America by Appweavers Inc. (App Store affiliate link) universal iOS app is on sale again for only 99¢ (normally $14.99 USD, at one time it was $29.99). Whether you are a photographer who shoots birds or a bird watcher or just someone that appreciates nature and our feathered friends, you will want to check out this in-depth app that helps you identify, learn about, and track the birds you see around you.

The bird I photographed here (top left) with its reflection is a snowy egret, easily identified with this app.

Last spring (of 2012) I reviewed the app for the Photo Focus Channel on Mobli when it was also on sale to celebrate the birds migration period. Watch the video below of my review and demonstration of the app.

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