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LEDGO CN-B150 LED Camera Light Demo'ed at PhotoPlus Expo [VIDEO]

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 04 November 2013

Ice Camera, Baby

Just days before Superstorm Sandy hit us and caused so much devastation here, there was the PDN PhotoPlus Expo in NYC. I was there covering the expo and shot some video with the iPhone 4 in conjunction with the Fostex AR-4i which I reviewed a year or so ago (I will be reposting that review here soon). Because of Sandy and the long recovery process that followed it, I was only able to post a music video style highlights video I made of the show shortly before the storm hit. There were a couple products which I shot demonstrations of at the show which were never edited and posted. This is one of them now.

Here is the LED Camera Light CN-B150 by LEDGO demonstrated at PhotoPlus Expo 2012. The LED Light attaches to camera using the shoe mount (in my case here, the Fostex AR-4i provided the shoe mount for my iPhone). It is self powered via battery and there are optional gels and defusers for it. The light is available via the LEDGO website at for $139.


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