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Star Wars: Tiny Death Star Now in App Store

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 07 November 2013

Being a fan of Star Wars and Nimblebit games such as Pocket Planes, Tiny Tower, and recently Pocket Trains, I was curious about their joint collaboration with LucasArts/Disney for their new title, Star Wars: Tiny Death Star. The game is now available in the App Store for free — though like many of Nimblebit titles, you can make in-app purchases for “Bux” to speed your progress of the game. The game is not under the Nimblebit name as the developer, but instead, LucasArts. 

I was surprised and perhaps slightly disappointed that it is essentially a re-dressing of the existing title, Tiny Tower just with a Star Wars theme and Star Wars style missions. That said, if you are already familiar with Tiny Tower, you will feel right at home with this new game. There are some new and different elements to it and of course, you may appreciate it on another level if you’re a Star Wars fan.

Similar to other Nimblebit games I have played before, they are fun until they become more like a chore or an actual job than a game. Like with Tiny Tower, Star Wars: Tiny Death Star has you building a tower with each floor (level) being something to earn you credits or residential floors for your “Bitizens” though in this game there are also Imperial levels that are there to secretly put forth plans masterminded by the Imperial Emperor. Essentially, like Tiny Tower, you’re running a business with employees, stock levels, employee satisfaction levels, demands of residents, etc.

The game is free, so you have nothing to loose (except your time) to try it out. You need not make in-app purchases if you do not wish to, as aforementioned, they are really just to speed up your progress. Here is the link to game in the App Store » Star Wars: Tiny Death Star - LucasArts


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