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Tandem With The Random 027 Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 19 November 2013

Tandem with the Random

Recently I was a guest on the Tandem with the Random podcast, episode 27 celebrating the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. It is hosted by Brian Kelley @bktandem and is available now. In it, I speak of first discovering Doctor Who and becoming a fan, founding the Gallifreyan Embassy, and eventually launching the podcast, Doctor Who: Podshock. Thanks to Brian for having me on, it was delight to do. You can check out the podcast yourself, the link is below with further details pertaining to the episode.

Tandem With The Random 027 – 11.18.2013: Doctor Who @ 50 » Tandem With The Random: "Tandem With The Random podcast No. 27 (11/18/2013): Doctor Who @ 50 – This episode of the podcast celebrates the 50th anniversary of the iconic BBC science fiction television program, Doctor Who, and features interviews with Louis Trapani of and the Doctor Who: Podshock podcast, Gregg Taylor of Decoder Ring Theatre, and Sam Tomaino and Kim Neighbor of the Prydonians of Prynceton…plus a few random thoughts. File size: 11.4 MB. Time: 47 min, 20 sec. Host: Brian Kelley."

(Via Tandem With The Random.)

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